Zane "Sigma" Draksis


Name Zane Draksis
Role Solo


EMP 6/60 RUN 42 LEAP 10 LIFT 50
Location Head (1) Torso (2-4) R.Arm (5) L.Arm (6) R.Leg (7-8) L.Leg (9-0)
Armor SP 32 40 12 12 32 32
Save BTM -2


Special Ability Combat Sense 8
Awareness/Notice 8
Hide/Evade 5
Shadow/Track 4
Athletics 4
Brawling 2
Dodge & Escape 4
Driving 4#
Heavy Weapons 3
Rifle 8
Stealth 8 (+3)
Elect.Security 6
Pick Lock 6
Weaponsmith 2


Type HL Cost
Neuralware 1 1000
Neural ULF Tranceiver 2 200
Interface Plugs 4 2000
Smartgun Interface 2 100
Subdermal Armor 7 1200
Motion Detector 6 200
Skinweave 5 2000
Cyberoptic Mount (R.) 8 400
Targeting Scope 2 400
Teleoptic 5 150
Anti Dazzle 5 200
Cyberaudio Mount 3 500
Radiolink 1 100
Scrambler 5 100
Wide Band Scanner 2 100
Cowl 3 200
Level Damper 5 300
Cyberoptic Mount (L.) 2 400
Kill Display 1 100
Lockdown 3 300
GPS Module w/ Screen 3 600
Erased Fingerprints 0 100
Speed Graft (+2MA) 1 750
Prepratory DNA Mapping 0 2700
Permanent MA Increase (+4) 6 10800
Permanent REF Increase (+1) 4 5000
Driving Chip (+4) 0 600
Total costs 71 33700


Type Cost
Kevlar tee 90
Flak Pants 20
Arasaka “Blackjack” Stealth 10000
Smart Goggles 200
-Thermograph 180
-Low Lite 180
-UV 180
-Image Enhancement 270
Smart Decryptor 1500
Security Scanner 1500
Tracer Buttons x6 50
B&E Tools 120
“Komaku” Laser Mic (150m) 250
Burner Grenade x3 300
5.56 ammo ; 2 mags (105rds) NA
7.62 ammo ; (100rds) 200
12ga ammo ; (100rds) 100
6mm ; 2 mags ; (20rds) NA


Name Type WA Conc. Avail. Dam. #Shots ROF Rel. Range
Towa Type-00-Kai RIF +3 N R 9d6+3AP (7.62) 6 1 VR 1200m
Tsunami “Ragnarok” SHT 0 N R 6d6 (12ga) 40 2/20 ST 70m
Militech Ronin Light RIF +1 N C 5d6 (5.56) 35 3/30 VR 400m
Custom Colt AMT Model 2000¹ P +0 J C 4d6+1 (12mm) 8 1 VR 50m

¹Ivory Grip w/ Jade Dragon and Gold Inlay. Value 2000



Clothes Urban Camo
Hair Buzz
Affectations Fingerless Gloves
Ethnicity Anglo-American
Language English
Family Background
Family Ranking Crime Lord
Parents Both Living
Family Status Okay
Childhood Environment Pirate Pack
Traits Stable and Serious
Most Valued Person No one
Thing Most Valued Vengeance
How You Feel About People People are obstacles to be destroyed if they cross me
Most Valued Possession A weapon
Life Events
Year 16 Big Win A powerful Corp owes you a favor
Year 17 Nothing happened
Year 18 Made a friend Old enemy
Year 19 Nothing happened
Year 20 Romance Happy love affair
Year 21 Romance Love affair with problems Fight constantly
Year 22 Romance Love affair with problems Your lover’s friends/family would use any means to get rid of you
Year 23 Romance Love affair with problems You are separated in some way.
Year 24 Made an enemy Female ex-lover Caused a major humiliation You hate her Herself and a few friends

Once a dedicated young child in the Draksis criminal family, Zane fell from good intent and joined a Pirate Pack at as a teenager. This pack was led by a man named Ly Mantok. Zane rocketed through the ranks at a rate of which few kids have been able to dream, but this was mainly due to his family ties. He even played a key role in the smuggling of a large shipment of energy cells through Nomad territory.

However, after Mantok was cashiered from service, Zane was left to the whims of Telmen. This did not bode well for the kid. Soon there were deals struck and the pirate pack fell under the control of a corporation. After a couple missions were finished, the corporation saw the pack liquidated as expendable assets. As the last surviving member of the squad under Mantok, Zane was instead captured and questioned for information on the potential whereabouts of the old pirate leader; apparently he owed the Corp some favors. This earned him quite a few enemies who felt betrayed by his involvement.

He eventually went back to his parents’ business and did well as a hitman in those ranks. One of the contacts of the pirate pack he encountered who felt betrayed by Zane’s involvement with the Corp, a fixer, turned around and became a friend during a particular mission to “take care of” a high-level exec.

The next couple years went by as usual. Zane found himself a lover and brought her into his world. The first year went by swimmingly and the two were happily in love. The second year had its problems with the two constantly fighting which inevitably lead into all her friends and family blaming Zane for the hardship. The once-happy couple broke up over an embarrassing revelation about her. Zane’s feelings toward his ex are salty at best and she isn’t far off. He earned himself an enemy but what was she gonna do? It’s just her and her idiotic friends.
Now, Zane works as a merc for whomever will pay most. Currently some shady corporation, Ge-Kama, has hired him for some various odd jobs and his friend C.I. is tagging along for the ride.

Zane "Sigma" Draksis

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